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Placing Portrait Order

How to order a portrait?

Placing your portrait order is an easy two-step process. Click 'Order Now' from the menu and submit your order details. Once you have submitted the order form (Step 1), you will be then auto-redirected to payment options (Step 2). Make the payment as per your desired size and you are done!

Will I get any confirmation?

Once you have submitted the form and made the payment, you will receive an email confirmation with the details of the invoice you paid within 24 hours. In case of any issues feel free to contact us.

Regarding Notifications

What are notifications?

While creating your portrait, we will notify you about the progress of the artwork. We will share work progress images with you via your preferred notification mode you mentioned while submitting the order form.

How many time I will be notified?

You will be notified two times throughout the creation process. The first notification will be after 30% completion and second after 60% completion of your portrait order.

How to receive notification on WhatsApp?

Just select the Notify Via WhatsApp while submitting the portrait order form. Mention your WhatsApp number on the appeared box. To receive notification by email select 'notify via email' option.

Delivery Related Queries

What are your delivery charges?

There is no extra delivery charge. Delivery is absolutely free all over India.

When will I get my portrait?

Generally, the portrait reaches on its delivery address between 7-10 business days.

Related To Products

What materials will be used to create my portarit order?

Every portrait delivered by us is completely handmade by professional artists created using pure charcoal powder and pencils.

Which base material will be used?

Every portrait is provided a wooden base material which provides support the artwork and leaves no space for air behind the portrait sheet.

Which type of frame will be used with my portrait?

After we have created your portrait we will contact you and suggest you some beautiful frames that suit best with your portrait. You can choose the best frame for your portrait.

Are there any extra carges for framing?

No there are no extra charges for framing. Its included in our package.

Can I get a portrait without artist's signature?

No, selling portraits without artist's signature is strictly against our policies.

Can there be something more added to the portrait?

Well, if possible we will try. Feel free to contact us anytime.

Which gift wrapper will be used?

Leave it to us. We will choose the best gift packaging for your portrait.

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